French producers The Noisy Freaks and NEUS have teamed up to bring us a a straight fire dubstep track that will slam you back in your seat (so you better stand up and dance!). And you all know that a dubstep track ain’t complete without a a great set of sexy vocals, this time Nalesia does the trick by letting us know the GAME IS OVER. Both producing groups are relatively new to the electro/dubstep scene, riding the waves generated by the explosion of dubstep. However, this track doesn’t follow in the wake of so many generic dubstep tracks that have determinately tarnished the genre. Through the uplifting melodies, heavy bass drops, and simply titillating vocals this track is a masterpiece in its’ own regard. Be sure to follow these cats through the social media outlets to know what is next up for the rising stars.

NEUS & The Noisy Freaks – Game Over (ft. Nalesia)

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