Kaskade’s “Eyes” Gets A Huge Makeover

Let’s be honest here. “Eyes”, the sexy summer track by Kaskade that was featured off his newest album Fire & Ice, is the kind of straight panty-dropping track you’d expect from one of America’s most talented DJ’s oozing with sexyness and perfect for horizontal dancing. This remix takes the party vertical and bring in a slow and very appropriate dub beat complemented by big-room house synths that sound much like something Kaskade might have used himself. Spend the first minutes relishing in Mindy Gledhill’s sweet and seductive vocals and get ready to smile. If you’re a DJ and are looking for a great closing song, this could be it.

Kaskade – Eyes (ft Mindy Gledhill) [Mistermike Remix]

And here’s him doing his thing with a much harder sound to Kanye…

Kanye West – All Of The Lights (Mistermike Remix)

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