Dubba Jonny – Never Judge An EP By Its Cover

Well, I got my hands on this a few days ago and I must say I am thoroughly impressed. If you missed our Artist Spotlight on this UK dubstep duo a while back, let me fill you in. While there status as performers and producers might still be considered underground, their huge sound has been making waves across Western Europe for some three years now (Of note: they have released a couple tracks on Velcro City Records, headed up out of Denver by our good friend DJ Vanish!). Never Judge An EP By Its Cover brings along some huge sounds that might remind you of fellow UK dubsteppa Rusko, which have a large melodic aspect and aren’t as concerned with filth as some American producers I could name. It’s also number 2 in the top 5 new dubstep releases from this week on Beatport. This is what true dubstep should sound like and, as much as I can say their name sounds immature and amateur, their music tells a completely different story. Here’s two of my favorite tracks off the 5-track EP.

Dubba Jonny – Equation (Original Mix)

Dubba Jonny – New Day (Original Mix)

Pick it up on Beatport now. Also, check out their Facebook page to show em some love.