Mimosa, M Machine, and Sleepyhead Tear it Up in the BTV

Photo: Christopherlisle.com

Sunday night at Higher Ground got a little rowdy to say the least, Sleepyhead kicked it off for us with a seemingly laid back set. The mellowness was pretty short-lived though after Sleepyhead it was time for M Machine, now I was aware these guys could bring the noise but I wasn’t aware until this duo stepped on stage that M Machine is most definitely on the come up. Check out their Soundcloud if you know whats good for you. Then it was time for Mimosa, returning to Burlington once again with a brand new set, completely different from his April show. We were lucky enough to sit down with Tigran Mimosa himself and ask a few questions:

MMIBTY: I remember it was just last April you were here in Burlington with Michael Menert and Break Science, you are touring with Sleepyhead and M Machine right now will anyone else be joining you?

Mimosa: Yup, I am on tour right now with Sleepyhead and M Machine we will also be having Vibe Squad, Kastle, and Kraddy joining us I believe.

MMIBTY: Any notable stops coming up?

Mimosa: Chicago stop is sold out at The House of Blues so that should be a huge show.

MMIBTY: We have been hearing a lot of new tracks and sounds coming from you in the past few months can you shed any light on the inspiration behind this?

Mimosa: I guess I moved out to New York and that is where I made the basis of the new album and I was just going to parties out there and hearing music that I wouldn’t usually hear out on the west coast. That’s a big part of it, and definitely being on the east coast is the biggest influence.

MMIBTY: I still definitely get that West Coast feel from some of those new songs.

Mimosa: Absolutely. I will never lose that no matter what. I think you will always be able to hear that influence in my songs.

MMIBTY: Anything else readers here at mmibty.com should know about?

Mimosa: I started a label called False Idol Music, falseidolmusic.com, I have two releases out on it so far and a third one that is coming out soon that I did with Sleepyhead.  Also there will be a couple of other releases coming soon with some of my other friends.

MMIBTY: One last question, being huge Moombahton fans that we are here at MMIBTY, do you think we will be hearing anymore from you in the future?

Mimosa: That was a product of just being out on the east coast as I said, it was just another sound I heard out here and just kind of went with. I like the percussive and rhythmic aspect of Moombahton and that is what compelled me to mess around with it. I could definitely see myself doing some more in the future, it’s a cool new sound.

Couple of tracks from Kraddy and VibeSquad to get everyone stoked on the upcoming stops. Along with Sleepyhead, Kastle, and M Machine, these opening acts are not to miss.

Kraddy – The Holy Avenger

VibeSquaD – Shine