Survival Sunday: Antidote Finally Gets Released and Tiesto’s Still Loving Electro House

Welcome to Survival Sunday everybody! Very excited about this week’s tracks and I have very little else to say except that my head is pounding right now, and it’s not because the bass is beating at 128bpm…

I know I posted this track last week but this is the final, FINAL version and it is in full quality of SHM’s and Knife Party’s newest track “Antidote”. Honestly, I don’t see why they needed the big fanfare. The track is good but just fucking release it already; I don’t need week after week of teasers and previews…

Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife Party – Antidote (Original Vocal Mix)

Tiesto, after his huge track Maximal Cray, seems to have found a new energy and a wider audience all while honing his skills in the electro house arena. The former trance and house king has shown he can do it all… just wait until this guy starts producing better dubstep than Skrillex…

Tiesto ft. Anastacia – What Can We Do (Radio Edit)

What do you know about the Bloody Beetroots, eh? It’s been a long time since I’ve had interest in this group, especially since the most salient image in my mind is hoards of people literally running away from their heavy metal Death Crew 77 set at Electric Zoo looking disappointed and with their ears bleeding. While their music used to be quite melodic, they have certainly taken their live shows in a different direction and their newest track follows on the same lines. However, definitely best thing to hear come from them in a long time and if you can stand the screaming, it’s actually a really good track.

The Bloody Beetroots – Church Of Noise

Alesso’s latest track got released on Beatport and, if you’ve never heard it before, it’s a dark progressive track that increasingly shows this kid’s talent. “Calling” by him and Sebastian Ingrosso is my ringtone right now and, besides the fact that I embrace the irony of my phone playing “Calling” when someone is calling, it remains as one of the biggest tracks of the year. This guy is unstoppable.

Alesso – Raise Your Head

BONUS: I’m sorry but I am absolutely loving The S right now. I’ve saved a couple tracks of theirs for this bonus spot down here in the past and I’m hoping that means you all are getting to know them. This high energy electro track should get you up and dancing without question.

The Boomzers – We Are Back (The S Remix)