2011 in Review: The Best in Moombahton

Wow, where to begin? Well I think it is safe to say that the world of Electronic Dance Music as we know it has forever been altered during 2011’s massive influx of the hard-hitting reggae inspired genre that is Moombahton. This genre of EDM was brought to us and originated sometime between 2009 and ’10 by Dave Nada. Nada claims his first attempt at the newly popular 108 bpm tempo was a slowed down remix on Afrojack and Dj Chuckie’s popular track Moombah. That remix combined with influence from the similar rhythms of the genre of Reggaeton served as the basis for the origination of the term “Moombahton”. Now that we have got past that little bit of history, let us make some more with the presentation of MMIBTY’s top ten Moombahton tracks of the year.

Although these were by no means easy decisions, it is very clear that certain artists really embraced this genre more than others and with these efforts Moombahton has progressed its way to the forefront of the EDM scene. With the likes of Nada, Skrillex, and Diplo pushing the movement that is Moombahton forward this year, we also began to see younger artists like Dillon Francis, Porter Robinson, and many more break onto the scene utilizing this music characterized by its slowed down tempo to absolutely pull the rug out from under the EDM world. So with great pleasure I bring you the My Music is Better Then Yours top ten tracks clocking in right around 108 Beats Per Minute, and may 2012 bring us even more Moombah fiyah. Happy Holidays from MMIBTY, and as always VIVA LA MOOMBAHTON!

1. Amplifire – Diplo & Skrillex
2. Beautician 2.0 – Dillon Francis
3. CSS – Hits Me Like A Rock (Dillon Francis Remix)
4. Zoology – Knife Party ft. Skrillex
5. IDGAFOS – Dillon Francis
6. 100% in the bitch – Porter Robinson
7. Take it Back – Dillon Francis remix
8. Go Buck – Lazerdisk Party Sex remix
9. Nadastrom – I!!
10. Dev – In the Dark (David Heartbreak Remix)

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