BRAND NEW Paper Diamond Single and Marty Party Mix!

Got a couple of items here to finish out your weekend with a BANG. First off I have the brand new single from Paper Diamond entitled Better Things, and as usual I am once again amazed with the wide variety of sounds and tempos PD is constantly bringing to his new tracks. This song clocks in dead on at 100 beats per minute, giving it a glitch type feel but still maintaining that relaxed dubstep that we have come to expect and love from Paper Diamond.

Paper Diamond – Better Things

Elm and Oak

**BONUS TRACK**: Brand new mashup artist He Said It made this mash of Paper Diamonds last hit single Can We Go Up with the help of some classic Lil Wayne and Eminem. I was skeptical at first as well but this track is guaranteed to get you dancing and the three songs work extremely well together.

He Said It – Superman Stole Weezy’s Paper Diamonds

Next up I have the best way you could possibly spend the next hour of your life. This new hour-long mix from Marty Party at 140 beats per minute and titled Purple Rage is sure to knock your socks off! From start finish this mix is hard-hitting and filled with the some of the dopest rap and hip-hop sampling from the likes of Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Wocka Flocka, and many more. If you recall the Blueberry Kush Mixtape from Marty Party was amazing, this mix is truly on another level though the progression never seems to stop over at Marty Party, and for that we thank you!

Marty Party – Purple Rage Mixtape at 140 bpm


The complete tracklisting can be found after the jump.


MartyParty- Just Because Of You
Crime Mobb – Knuck If You Buck
MartyParty and Mimosa – No Names
PANTyRAiD – JailBait
MartyParty – Bully
PANTyRAiD – Superior
MartyParty – Lookin For Trouble
MartyParty – Hard In Da Paint Remix (feat. Waka Flaka Flame)
MartyParty and Mimosa – Skate
MartyParty – Trick Quit Talking
MartyParty – We Know Who We Are
MartyParty and Minnesota (DeathStar) – Adele Rolling In The Deep Remix
MartyParty – I Need You
PANTyRAiD – Dirty Vegas Lil White Doves Remix
DeathStar – Wiz Khalifa On My Level Remix
MartyParty – Im The Shit Bitch
Travis Porter – Make It Rain
Flux Pavilion – Bass Cannon
MartyParty – Pretty Thoughts