Survival Sunday: Remix Edition featuring Skrillex, Tiesto, Adventure Club, Benga and More

Welcome to another edition of our weekly update on all the latest tracks and news from the world of dance music. As for EDM highlights of the week, SHM’s epic MSG show, of which I caught the live internet stream, was definitely the most inspirational thing I saw all week and, despite my opinions of the lackluster announcement back when it was first announced, I have to say the live stream made it all worth it… Being able to pregame to a concert of that magnitude halfway across the country was an experience that couldn’t be topped and I can only hope they start doing that kind of thing more often.

Also, Steve Aoki’s new album Wonderland leaked this week ahead of it’s January release date. I don’t feel I need to post the whole thing as I haven’t listened to it all yet but you can pick up a leaked copy here

Okay, now to get into some fresh tracks. The release for this week that got me the most excited has to be the newest Adventure Club remix. God these guys are on absolute fire right now. This song follows like their others with that smooth, drippy dubstep and beautiful vocals. Definitely one of the best duo of producers to come around this year.

Metric – Collect Call (Adventure Club Remix)

Skrillex? Again? IDK man… This cat is like what Lil Wayne was to hip-hop music a couple years back. He just doesn’t stop releasing new tunes. His newest song “Breathe” is one of the first we’ve heard in a while that doesn’t have that stigmatized brostep sound to it. It’s a smooth track. Here’s a sick remix by unknown producer PRA2 of the original which I think brings a good energy to the otherwise slow track.

Skrillex – Breathe (PRA2 Remix)

A-Trak with a new song? Always down. This time he teamed up with Zinc, a UK-based DJ and producer, to put together this interesting and danceable track. It really brings some interesting sounds to the table and the best part is that dubstep producer Benga brought his own incredible sound to the track.

A-Trak & Zinc – Stingray (Benga Remix)

Finally, Tiesto, who, like Skrillex, has just been on a roll lately releasing new tracks comes out with his Mission Impossible Theme remix. Interesting choice and completely unexpected but it has some serious flavor to it. I wonder if this song will appear in the new M:I movie…?

Tiesto – Mission Impossible Theme Remix

BONUS: THE S! Need I say more? Dude, I feel like these Italian electro-house producers always take a backseat to all the bigger names on Survival Sunday but I can’t help but  include them when they have new tracks. This week, they took on Skrillex’s classic “All I Ask of You” and give it their usual poppy electro dance treatment with a nice dub transition towards the end.

Skrillex – All I Ask of You (The S Remix)