New From Mord Fustang – We Are Now Connected

Mondays seem to be catching on as a big day for EDM releases. All things considered, I’m perfectly okay with that because I’m usually in a daze from the weekend and looking for something to pick me up. Ever since Mord Fustang’s “Lick the Rainbow” became an obsession of mine, I immediately get excited when I hear he has a new track out.

This tune continues the Estonian native’s streak of awesome Electro-House songs, easily recognizable as a Mord production because of those oh-so-familiar synths he uses. What I like about this one is it has build-ups we aren’t too familiar hearing out of him, but instead sounds like something you might hear Michael Woods throw in, or something you might find on Deadmau5’s track “Aural Psynapse”. Whatever you want to compare it to, Mord Fustang has a unique sound and I look forward to hearing what he comes up with for years to come.

Note: the following version of this song has some minor corruptions in it. I’m guessing it was leaked this way on purpose to encourage people to purchase the track, which you can do on Beatport here. Please do the right thing and support Mord Fustang’s work if you like what you hear.

Mord Fustang – We Are Now Connected

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