OVERWERK – The Nth °

So it’s been a while since we’ve covered any music by one of our favorite producers OVERWERK here in a while and I guess it was for good reason. While we’ve been busy focusing other electro-house players, OVERWERK has been hard at work in the studio to bring the world his FREE EP The Nth °. Now if you’ve ever listened to any of OVERWERK’s material, you’d know that he simply makes really good electro house music. He utilizes a fat sound that he is able to balance out with other, more melodic sounds. This EP is some of the best work I’ve heard to come from him yet for two reasons: a) it’s all originals and b) the whole album plays out like one seamless aural experience.

You know the drill… Here’s two of my favorites and you can grab the whole 6-track EP below.

OVERWERK – Contact


Get The Nth ° here.