Flosstradamus Keeps the Free Music Rolling!

Well if you are currently sitting at your computer and reading this on our music blog then you probably are already aware of the SOPA/PIPA act that will be brought to a vote in Congress on January 24th. Basically this act is an attempt at shutting down the posting and or hosting of copyrighted content by anyone with out the rights to the piece of media in question. Here is why this will be bad: “The burden of reviewing user-submitted content – every blog post, every video, every image – would be impossible for a company to manage, and companies would have likely stuck with the Web 1.0 model of publishing edited, vetted content instead of moving to a Web 2.0 model where users create the content.” – Joi Ito, director, MIT Media Lab (Article Continued). It seems obvious to me that this is truly in no one’s best interest, and in all honesty I am a little baffled that anyone is in support of this garbage, this would set the internet back to the stone age. Anyways Flosstradamus clearly isn’t worried about people illegally downloading and posting his newest EPIC remix of Major Lazers track Original Don for free DL with merely a LIKE of his facebook page! Yeah, put that in your PIPA and smoke it. This track clocks in right at 135 bpm’s and is a great resurrection of the Major Lazer original. Flosstradamus brought the neccessary freshness to this track while maintaining that ever important reggaeton influenced Major Lazer vibe, and last but not least make sure you tell everyone that the song your dancing to was free.

Major Lazer – Original Don (Flosstradamus Remix)

[Even though we’re providing a DL link, be sure to like Flosstradamus at his Facebook page here]

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