Music Video Madness

We don’t post many videos on this blog for a few reasons, but primarily it is because EDM doesn’t produce the quality of videos as many other genres of music. Some say that the music video era is dying with networks such as MTV hosting more and more shows about young, pregnant trailer trash instead of focusing on their original layout. I still think that a properly done video can improve the song even giving the track new meaning. We were blessed today with a couple of music videos by some of our favorite artists.

The first video that we caught this morning (actually released on Sunday) was Skrillex’s collab with The Doors. Breakn’ a Sweat almost made my top 10 songs the year and is featured on Skrillex’s most recent EP Bangarang. The track is amazing featuring both vocals of Skrillex and members of The Doors. The video illustrates the creative process that goes into making the track with clips of his live shows where he plays in The Skrillex Cell.

Next up is the announcement of Rusko’s next full length album, yes full length! The album is titled Songs and is set to be released on Mad Decent’s label on March 27. Rusko also released a single off of the album titled Somebody to Love which is set for release on January 24! The video highlights and elderly couple looking for love segmented with shots of Rusko on his most recent US tour. Enjoy Rusko performing his legendary dance moves in a pair of gnarly socks and check out the t-shirt gramps is wearing at the end of the video.