MartyParty: Six Shots of Jameson EP Review

MartyParty will continue his evolution of “Purple Music” on January 30th with the debut of his new EP entitled Six Shots of Jameson. We were lucky enough to preview the album for you and bring you a few pre-released tracks. Marty’s new EP picks up right where the likes of the Purple Rage mixtape and Sub On album left off, although this EP is seemingly chilled out in comparison. Marty blends a combination of deep bass, chilling highs, and perfectly sampled vocals making for another seemingly gorgeous audio spectacle unifying the likes of hip-hop and dubstep into a greater whole. The whole album flows together flawlessly and this can be attributed to the need MartyParty has expressed for maintaining “the art of musical compisition” in all of his pieces. In striving to reach this goal Marty has basically created a symphony of sounds and rhythms that blend and work as well if not better than the sounds of the traditional classical orchestra. Take all of this thought and add in a flurry of intensely bass driven drops, a multitude of classic hip hop and rap hooks, a cluster of amazingly airy horn samples, and you have Six Shots of Jameson. The album maintains its mellow feel throughout, but doesn’t lack in the filth department whatsoever, Marty maintains his forever grimy sound while continuing our education in purple music. This new EP is not to be missed and will be available in its entirety to the public on January 30th. Also don’t forget to check out the Six Shots of Jameson Tour, with a multitude of stops MartyParty is most likely coming to a a town near you. Below are the three tracks that have been released from Six Shots of Jameson, as well as MartyPartys brand new face-devouring re-wobble on the Clint Mansell classic Lux Aerterna (Warning: This track Goes Extremely Hard).

Marty Party – We Dont Give a Damn

Marty Party – Pretty Thoughts

Marty Party – Just Because of You

Clint Mansell – Lux Aerterna (MartyParty remix)