Survival Sunday: 2 Nights of Big Gigantic in Colorado and Tracks from Zedd, Moguai and More

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Colorado got a treat this past weekend with Big Gigantic blowing through the state on a massive 4-stop tour that took them through Aspen, Ft. Collins, their hometown of Boulder, and finally landed them in Denver. The two-piece DJ/saxophonist and drummer duo have established quite the following here and had no problem selling out all their shows. Personally, I had the pleasure of attending both the Boulder Theater show and the Ogden Theater show in Denver. I had never actually seen a full live set of Big G before Friday night and was extremely impressed with their stage presence and their unique style. Their new light setup brought a fitting spectacle to the music and filled the spaces well. The show on Friday in Boulder, packed to the brim with die hard fans, was notable for the mix of new and old material they played, their popular rendition of Flux Pavilion’s “I Can’t Stop”, a welcome cover of Jay-Z and Kayne’s latest hit “Niggas In Paris”, and their double encore performance. Saturday in Denver – my favorite of the two shows I saw and their last stop in Colorado – stood out to me for the heavier dub influence in their track selection (Denver loves their dubstep), including covers of some of my favorite songs of yesteryear like “Diminishing Returns (Alvin Risk Remix)”, “Amplifire” by Skrillex and Diplo, and “Louder (Doctor P and Flux Pavilion Remix)”. They even played about 2 minutes of drum and bass (?!!). The crowd also seemed much more lively at the Ogden Theater, which I found surprising being that Boulder is their home base, however the seeming abundance of ecstasy-fueled concertgoers in Denver might have accounted for that. Be sure to check out our galleries from both nights on our Facebook Page here.

Now to get into this week’s tracks. Moguai, who you might recognize for his smash remix of “Push the Tempo (Ya Mama)” which was played by countless DJ’s in the past 6 months, released his new progressive track on Mau5strap recordings this week and I am personally really into it. He’s been teasing it for some time now but to hear the full thing in all it’s glory is truly inspiring. If you’re not one for waiting in prog tracks, jump to the 3:00 mark to hear it drop.

Moguai – Mpire (Original Mix)

Adventure Club! Need I say more? This time, an ORIGINAL from the Canadian dubstep duo. These guys have gone absolutely viral (a stop over to their Facebook Page the other day revealed they have over 72k fans already! Pretty impressive for such a small catalog…) and are worth knowing if you haven’t heard of them yet. If you know about them, then you know what to expect.

Adventure Club – Do I See Color (Original Mix)

This track isn’t by a big artist, which is normally who we’d feature here, but this track gained so much popularity in the past week all over the net and has an amazing sound that it just had to be posted here. Be sure to keep an eye out for more from TheFatRat.

Foster The People – Don’t Stop (TheFatRat Remix)

Last up, Zedd brings the fire again in his remix of the collaboration between Skrillex and The Doors which recently was released on his Bangarang EP. Honestly, I don’t know which one I like more but definitely appreciating the new sound Zedd brings to the already amazing track.

Skrillex ft. The Doors – Breakin’ a Sweat (Zedd Remix)