Artist Spotlight: Keys N Krates Reinventing The Remix

Canada has been producing a lot of talent lately. Deadmau5 certainly takes a lot of credit for making the American EDM scene aware of what the musicians up north are capable of. But upcoming talent continues to trickle out of the border country, infiltrating our speakers with beautiful and creative music, pushing the boundaries of what we’re capable of creating all on our own. Originally from Toronto, Keys N Krates is the trio of keyboard player Matisse, Tune on drums and champion turntablist DJ Jr Flo, who as a group produce unique sounds that sit somewhere between hip-hop beats, electronica and jam band music. Self-proclaimed as the “reinventors of the remix”, Keys N Krates time and time again show their ability to bring incredible life to samples chosen from throughout the oldschool, hip-hop and indie worlds. What is perhaps most impressive (and unsurprising) is that there is not a single song of theirs you can’t download for free on their SoundCloud, most in HQ WAV or AIFF format, perfect for any DJ’s wishing to incorporate their uncompromising sound into their sets. Their Blackout EP has been on repeat for me lately and the first song I’d like to feature is their song “Oh Baby” off that EP, giving you a good idea of what these guys are all about. [Recognize the sample from Three 6 Mafia’s jam “Stay Fly”?]

Keys N Krates – Oh Baby

These guys most recently got the most attention outside of Canada they’ve received in their career with their interpretation of Miike Snow’s “Devil’s Work”. Again, free download and absolutely fantastic. You can already start to hear how different their sound can be.

Miike Snow – Devil’s Work (Keys N Krates Remix)

Because remixing is what these cats do best, peep this remix of Michael Jackson’s “Enjoy Yourself”. Bringing a little more of their jam side to the table with a nice breakdown around the 1:50 mark and finishing it off with a transition into Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E.”, this is a truly inspiring remix.

Keys N Krates – MJ Enjoy Yourself

Finally, in true Artist Spotlight fashion, here’s their 38:43 mix aptly entitled Almost 39 Minutes. Showcasing their wide range of sounds and several of their best remixes, known and unknown, this one would make great material for driving around and impressing your friends with your awesome music.

Keys N Krates – Almost 39 Minutes Mixtape

Like what you hear? First, head over to their website to pick up their entire Blackout EP for free, then be sure to show them some love on Facebook and Twitter so you’ll be the first to know next time they drop some new free music! If you want to see some videos of them holding it down live, which as I understand is quite the experience, check out their YouTube channel for some more idea of how talented these guys are.