Deadmau5 and Nokia Make Buildings Crumble

Nokia and the man behind the mouse-head, Joel Zimmerman, teamed up a little over a month ago to introduce their new 3d projection system at the Millbank Tower in London. The idea behind the party was that the 3rd dimensional projection system would wow the crowd, while Zimmerman’s always progressive beats would add a 4th dimension to the event. Deadmau5 even seems like he is having fun, jumping around in an epic Swiss cheese version of the Mau5-head while the Millbank tower behind him plays a series visual of tricks on the stunned crowd. Joel also released a new track earlier this week on his Soundcloud titled Get in the October cart, pig. This track brings me back to some of the older Deadmau5, long intense builds, progressive sounds, and catchy soothing synths. Although this is not the banger big room drop infested track that we have been hearing a lot of from Joel lately, this one falls under the old school chilled out beat based grooves that we all know and love.

Deadmau5 – Get in the October cart, pig.