Disco Daze Vol.1

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you should know that we are big proponents of the disco movement. Oblivious observers of EDM fail to realize that beneath all the wealth of hard-hitting electro and dubstep that dominates the market, there is a whole ‘nother world of indie dance music of which a lot is offered for FREE and is largely overlooked. Certain producers such as Treasure Fingers, SebastiAn and Louis LaRoche have broken through the veil and brought their indie dance flavor to the masses. Music blogs such as (ahem) ourselves, Vacay, RollingTuff and especially GottaDanceDirty have been playing their part to bring this underground and underrepresented music to the masses, because the internet has enough blogs that stick primarily to mainstream EDM music (not gonna name names here but maybe another time…). And let’s be honest, it doesn’t take a whole lot of great taste in music to love the next ear-blaster or rip-rager to come out.

So, I’ve decided to complement our recent addition of the Dub Edition installments with a Disco Daze segment, set to be released on no predefined schedule except for when I feel you all deserve some amazing disco and filter house. I don’t claim to be an expert here. Some of the disco I’m presenting today is not new but chances are a lot of you haven’t heard it either. Some of these tracks are simply classics that need to be shared for your sake. I’m just trying to expand your minds here folks. Sit back, pretend like it’s summer, and enjoy some laid-back, groovy, psychedelic and funky jams.

The name says it all. Would totally play this one out if I was a DJ (if only just for the part where the swag sample comes in).

BoogiePop Phantoms – I Got #Swag

This is almost idiotic, as I thought this was easily one of the best songs of 2011. But if you haven’t heard it, it’s about goddamn time. Brooklyn-based Bit Funk absolutely destroys it on this one.

Bit Funk – Rap Music

Treasure Fingers has done some amazing things in his time. His remix of “My Feelings For You” by Avicii is still on repeat for me and I think it’s been over a year. Not sorry. This track from last year gets a filter and effects treatment from Bryan Jones and gets seriously funky.

Treasure Fingers – Take My Hand (Bryan Jones Re-Edit)

Some new disco? Why not? Geisha Twins just released their newest EP Dolla Dolla $$ yesterday and with two new originals and three remixes all for free – what more can one ask for? The title track is as much of a banger as you can get with this kind of music and the remix by Solidisco is very solid as you’d expect (I think I just made myself laugh a little). Grab the whole thing for free on their SoundCloud.

Geisha Twins – Dolla Dolla $$

This last one’s for the ladies. Mad old but so sensual. Guys, put this on for your ladyfriend and watch what happens.

Ellie Goulding – Lights (Shook Remix)

BONUS: Had enough? Here’s Blende’s February Mix if not:

Blende – Blende February 2012 Mix