Aylen Mixes Up Rusko Just Right

Aylen, an electro and moombah producer out of New Jersey, has been making a name for himself in the past couple months with a couple hard hitting remixes and bootlegs. Most recently, he released an entire remix album (The Remixtape, which you can download on his Facebook page here) full of his signature blend of mashups and bootlegs giving flavor to a handful of popular tracks. For a mixtape it’s pretty damn impressive. Only time will tell if Aylen will be able to cross into originals territory with the same ferocity with which he attacks remixes and mashups but I have no doubt he will kill it when he makes it there. I would definitely recommend you download it immediately and these tracks should convince you. A couple weeks ago, Alyen dropped this remix of Rusko’s latest release “Somebody To Love” which brings a different (moombah!) tempo and takes the song in a completely different direction. After digging deep across the interwebs to bring you something fresh and different, I think I’ve found just that in this offering from Aylen. Below that are a few of my favorites from his remix mixtape.

Rusko – Somebody To Love (Aylen Remix)

Ace of Base – The Sign (Aylen Remix)

Edward Maya – Stereo Love feat. Vika (Aylen Remix)