Disco Daze Vol. 2

Ladies and gentlemen I give you the second installment of our newest feature Disco Daze. This regular posting is the culmination of countless attempts of trying to one up each other with the funkiest disco house tracks you have ever heard. Today, both jake and bhanna have offered up some savory selections that will help keep you grooving to at least the always satisfying Hump Day!

First up, I am proud to introduce the young Italian phenom known as Le Nonsense. And when I say… I mean 16 years young! Don’t let the age scare you however, as this kid has an unbelievable amount of knowledge and talent in the realms of French House and 80’s Disco music.

LeBatman – Playback (Le Nonsense “Stop The Tape” Edit)

Next up is a down-tempo funky beat that gets a kick of disco that is an everyday hit for you. U-Tern does a wonderful job of capturing both old school disco and new age funk in this classic original.

U-Tern – You Don’t Know Me

Plastic Plates delivers yet another classic disco track that keeps me groovin’ till the sun rises. Based out of LA, but hailing from Sydney is the one and only Felix Bloxsom. Super stoked to catch a full set by him this weekend at Snowball!

Plastic Plates – More Than Love

Next up, I bring you Luminaire. This UK disco producer has been rolling out free tracks like crazy. Head over to his SoundCloud to download his downtempo Cut/Paster EP and his more recent No Use EP, alongside a healthy dose of singles.

Luminaire – No More

French producer Le Crayon also serving up some excellent and FREE disco. This remix of Matt Mendez’s newest single is featured on the EP and is my personal favorite.

Matt Mendez – Square (Le Crayon Remix)

And finally, a mix to finish you off. If you haven’t been keeping up with The Magician and his awesome mixtapes or Magic Tapes as he calls them, you’ve been seriously missing out. Number Twenty is his latest and, as expected, it’s about 50 minutes of amazing disco, groove and filter house. If you have a SoundCloud account, you’d be a fool not to follow The Magician and download his tapes every time one’s released.

The Magician – Magic Tape Twenty