A New Breed of House…

Subterranean vibes with a dose of demonic vocals… One could say, Jamie Jones has LANDED! One of the most talented deep house artists today, Jamie’s sounds are truly hypnotic and can transport you into other worlds. Not only does he provide silky melodic transitions, but his catchy, subtle drops explain it all. He is just starting to bring his talents into the land that gave birth to house music and is bringing all his wires and gadgets with him to produce the funkiest, sexiest, and most jaw-dropping tunes to our ears. I have provided you guys with two of his most recent remixes that can’t be overlooked. While he’s experimenting with a diverse and unique style, his following is increasing on a global scale. Lately, these two remixes have put him on the radar and expressed the liking by Pete Tong of BBC Radio 1. If Jamie has stirred Pete’s electronic juices, then he shall have an affect on listeners to come.

Storm Queen – Look Right Through (Jamie Jones Remix)
Eleven Eleven – Tourist Trap (Jamie Jones Miss X Remix)

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