Zedd Releases Yet Another Banger: Shotgun

If you caught any of Zedd’s Ultra Music Festival set on Saturday March 24, you know he brings the fire – both in the studio and on stage. It’s just what he does. Songs like “Slam the Door”, “Shave It”, his remix of “Save the World”, “Stars Come Out” and many more have been features here on MMIBTY and at just 21 years old, Zedd is truly making a name for himself with no end in sight.

So let’s talk about “Shotgun”, released on Skrillex’s label OWSLA. We get a cool drum beat intro that varies from his typical kick drum intros – this one features what sounds like a sped-up Moombahton beat. We hear a tease of growling vocals, and some eerie synths as the song starts to build up. Then all of a sudden: hard-hitting bass sounds. There is a break eventually, with no drums and a remaining dark feel to the song, then things start to get out of control at the end. We hear a bunch of the Zedd-branded sounds throughout the song, but overall the feel is dark, twisted, and eerie. On first listen I didn’t love it, but that’s why music is so great – because everyone shares a different opinion. As I’ve clicked repeat over and over, this one is growing on me like a lot of songs do. See for yourself and don’t forget to support this kid by purchasing it on Beatport! 1, 2, 3, JUMP!

Zedd – Shotgun

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