LEVELS… In Reverse

There are a multitude of remixes to Avicii’s “Levels”: Skrillex, Clockwork, Hayden Hoffman even Hardwell gave a swing at it. These producers have sprinkled in their own “this and that” to put a unique spin on what is now becoming an electronic anthem. But there is one remix that got my attention and made me feel like I had just heard it for the first time. It is basically the entire song completely in reverse. I know it sounds weird but somehow carries through that melodic, feel good,hard hitting electronic dance song that even your mother has heard about.

Golf claps to the producer George Monev who put it together, grab it below and enjoy. Check out Monev’s facebook posted below for more information on the man himself.

Levels (George Monev Remix)

George Monev’s Facebook
George Monev’s SoundCloud