Rusko Drops New Full Length Studio LP “Songs”

Rusko, Rusko, Rusko. This man has done so much for me in my development in electronic music. At his first show I ever saw (Starscape 2010) he smashed his laptop against some speakers at the end of his set and had to be dragged off stage. I was speechless and amazed at how this British dubstep artist carried himself like the Rock n Roll legends of a generation back. Then came his breakthrough album O.M.G.!  The album gave us one the first complete dubstep albums distributed on a mass market. Since then I have seen him over ten times enjoying his antics more and more as he grows.

My first glimpse of this new album was at Snowball Music Festival where Rusko featured many of his new huge dancehall style tracks. Having now listened to the entire album I have a brand new respect for Rusko. Many of his shows are masked by his vocals, my alcohol abuse, and the overall crowd vibe to hear all the tracks he is playing. Listening to what he can do in a studio (with a lot of may jane) is always a treat so go out and buy the entire album folks!

Rusko – Dirty Sexy

Rusko – Skanker

Rusko – Roll Da Beats (Old School Edition)

The entire album is available through iTunes exclusively.

01 – Intro – Year 3000 Style
02 – Somebody To Love
03 – Pressure
04 – Skanker
05 – Love No More
06 – Opium
07 – Dirty Sexy
08 – Be Free
09 – Thunder
10 – Roll Da Beats (Old School Edition)
11 – Mek More Green
12 – Asda Car Park
13 – Whistle Crew
14 – M357