Figure May Be The Best Electronic Music Creation App Ever

There’s a lot of music creation apps for iOS these days. Being a avid music fan (duh) and consistently interested in how music, particularly electronic music, is created using all the different toys available to producers, I have played with my fair share of music creation tools. Some of the most readily accessibly ones (and cheapest) are typically available through the App Store for only a few bucks. In other words, you don’t have to save up for months then shell out a bunch of cash for some expensive synthesizer, drum machine, sampler, or similar piece of equipment. Which is nice, especially if you’re not trying to become the next big thing and just want to play around. What I have found in my experience, and perhaps you have too, is that most apps are either too complicated, too simple or too user unfriendly to be a lot of fun.

For the producers who have played around with much more complicated equipment than what can run on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, some of these apps can be a valuable addition to their production arsenal or even standalone tools. For example, Gorillaz produced an entire album using about 20 different iOS apps that was actually pretty good considering the kind of equipment it was produced on is in a lot of peoples’ pockets and shoulderbags (you can take a look at the apps they used here). But for the average Joe who just wants to play around and impress their friends, not super practical. That’s where Figure comes in. Propellerhead, the Swedish company behind music production software Reason, decided it was time to enter into the iOS market and what an entry they’ve made. As you can tell from the video, developers designed Figure to be fun and accessible for the average person, whether it be in a serious capacity or just as a diversion during their morning commute. And the best part? Unlike some of the other major music apps, Figure costs only $0.99 on the App Store. So go ahead, download it, and see what all the fuss is about. [Want to learn more? Check out the app’s website here]

Oh wait… you don’t have an iPhone? Hmm… how bout some music instead? Two moombahton tracks for ya today:

E4RTH – It’s Where We Live (Sazon Booya Remix)

PUNCHES – Can I Live (Skeet Skeet Remix)