Gramatik Shows The True Meaning of #digitalfreedom

Still reeling off the success of one of the best albums of 2011, Pretty Lights Music‘s own Gramatik released his new #digitalfreedom EP today for free through PLM’s website. For many of us, Beatz and Pieces Vol. 1 is still in heavy rotation and it’s fresh hip-hop-esque beats continue to provide the soundtrack for long drives and hungover days. However, anyone lucky enough to have seen Gramatik perform live since the release of his iconic first LP know how much different his live show is from the sounds we fell in love with on Beatz. #digitalfreedom marks the first time we’ve heard that much harder sound come to us in the form of released music and it is a welcome complement to his much more mellowed first LP. Incorporating his exquisite and adept use of samples into a much more dub and electro influenced sound, he brings life to six very diverse songs on the EP. For instance, “Born Ready” brings a rock influence akin to Justice, “Fist Up” serves up horns, synths, and guitar riffs sampled properly to make a certified head-bopper, and “Illusion of Choice” is a heavy dub track much like I’ve become used to hearing at his live shows. The EP continues this trend with more of the creativity we’d expect from Gramatik.

Gramatik – Fist Up

Gramatik – Talkbox Intended

Download all 6 tracks of #digitalfreedom for free here.