Happy 4/20 Folks: Rustie’s Essential Mix for Your Celebratory Activities

Russell Whyte, or Rustie, is a young DJ from Glasglow determined to break down the boundaries of the genre and create music that defies all law. His music is a departure from anything you’ve ever heard before yet maintains a listenable quality that is unexpected and welcome. Earlier this month, Rustie was invited to host the Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1 and, in many ways, this will be his first introduction to the rest of the world. If you listen to his mix closely, you will notice that he seamlessly integrates music that would just not go together if tried by most DJ’s. Hell, they wouldn’t even try. He maintains several melodies at the same time, creating a complex yet blended mix. You may be hearing rock, Southern rap, electro, and god-know-what else all at the same time and not even be aware. Rustie is going to be an important player in the electronic scene to come. He may never become a huge star selling out massive venues and headlining main stages all over the world but he is important because he is pushing the boundaries of what most people think is the ceiling to electronic music. He proves that there is none.

But enough from me. Hopefully you are too high to read what I wrote anyways and are already kicking back, listening to this mix, and puffing on a doobie. Burn one down for Levon Helm everyone. Man was a legend and always will be. Enjoy the “holiday” and your weekend.

Rustie – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix (4/7/2012)

If you want to learn more about Rustie, read this great writeup over on Pitchfork or head over to his Facebook page.


The Friends of Distinction – Impressions (Dialogue)
Rustie – Gilded Jewel Case
Dreams – Bloodsport
The Blessings – Whoopi
Hudson Mohawke – Gooo
Rick Ross – MMG The World is Ours
Rustie – All Nite (Demo Version)
Clams Casino – Im God
Juicy J – Geeked Up Off Them Bars
Obey City – Work Move
Love Shy – That First Kiss
Xcuse – All Right (Shiftee Remix)
Asap Twelvy – Our World
Rustie – Eyezz
S-Type – Billboard
Surkin – Gold Island – (Bok Bok & L-vis 1990 Remix)
Kavsrave – No More (Slow Jams)
Lunice – Cant Wait To
Nightwave – Night Bird
Rustie – City Star (vip)
Baauer – Harlam Shake
Hudson Mohawke – Push
My Dry Wet Mess – When We Were Wrong
Skeletone 3
Rustie – Reflector
Lone – Dream Ache
Rustie – Love Frequency
Surkin – White Knight (Jackson & His Computer Band Remix)
Fox Gut Daata – Throb Black Map
Rustie – Crakk Squirrel
Rustie – Prizm
Cashmere Cat – Mirror Maru
Destinys Child – Get on the Bus
Rustie – Shifft
Lucky Beard – Shake Your Nipples
Krystal Klear – Pistol Chauffeur
Obey City – Fallin
Cid Rim – JazzJazzJazz (Dorian Concept Remix)
Big Sean – Marvin & Chardonay
Manix! – Feel Reel Good
Heezy Baby – Logobi Heezy International
Cassie – King of Hearts (Kanye West Remix)
Rustie – Hover Traps
Wiz Khalifa – Guilty Conscience
Rustie – Mint Lotus
Rustie – Gold Likk
Danny Brown – Witit
Rustie – Frazzle
Rustie – Ooompa
Rustie – Cat Nip
Rustie – Sawdust
Drake – Lord Knows
Tnght – R U Ready
Baauer – Dumdum
Nicki Minaj – I Am Your Leader
Eprom – Regis Chillbin (Machinedrum Remix)
Dorian Concept – Toothbrush
Rustie – Teen Souls Burning
Rustie – 444Sure
The Friends of Distinction – Impressions (Dialogue)