These two individuals hailing from London go by the names of  Daryl Gold and J Ree. Together they have chosen the moniker Ill Blu. Functioning as a team since April of 2008, Ill Blu made quite a serious impact on the UK funk/hip-hop scene in North-West London.  Apparently the duo had been making great strides in the music scene in London but apparently kind of just disappeared.

Around a week or two ago, a blog called released an exclusive mix by Ill Blu that was nothing short of awesome. The mix starts out slow and upbeat and builds into some really good progressive house which then transforms into some very fine UK Garage and some old fashion bass music. From start to finish the group builds the trust of the listener and does not disappoint. Consisting mainly of their own songs, I found this exclusive release to be a statement that Ill Blu is back and they are just as determined as they were before if not more, and they are here to deliver high quality sound, mixing, energy, and what they do best funk.

If you are looking for something a little off the radar compared to your mainstream house and electronic, try giving Ill Blu a listen. I am sure you will be impressed. Keep your ears/eyes open for these guys in the future. Big thanks Ill Blu and to for providing this mix. Tracklist after the jump.

Ill Blu – April 2012 Xlr8r Exclusive Podcast

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01 Ill Blu “Clapper” (Hyperdub)
02 Ill Blu “Dragon Pop” (Hyperdub)
03 Ill Blu “Heisenberg”
04 Ill Blu “Legs”
05 Ill Blu “Turnpike”
06 Ill Blu “Bassage”
07 Princess Nyah “Soldier feat. Wiley (Filthy Fiction Remix)” (Royletease)
08 Funkystepz “Class A”
09 Ill Blu “Alrite Wave”
10 Jook10 “Bass” (Soulserious)
11 Ill Blu “PumpA”
12 Lighter “Burn”
13 Ill Blu “We Don’t Stop”
14 86 Baby “Word Of Mouth”
15 Ill Blu “Me x U” (Plastik Cups)