Tunacola Presents Friday

Tunacola. What a name. This trio from Santiago, Chile caught my attention when I heard this track, aptly named “Friday”, in this mix by fellow Chilean producer Jamnights. The group’s music is mostly available for free download through their SoundCloud (always a plus) and displays an interesting, cultural take on electro-pop. It’s not the kind of electro-pop we have here in the US, however. It’s definitely a lot more electro than it is pop and they take plenty of liberties by throwing in deep bass sounds, electro bleeps and rhythmic vinyl scratching to complement the Latin-influenced vocals and drums. Their self-titled album was released just about a year ago and features “Friday” along with 9 other very interesting tracks. If you don’t mind veering on the more alternative side of things, I think you might really like it. You can listen to and download the whole thing here.

Tunacola – Friday

Junior Senior – Move Your Feet (Tunacola Remix) [Instrumental]