A friend of mine once said “Disclosure can do no wrong”. I would have to agree. Hailing from the UK these guys are brothers, aged 21 and 18 that have been producing some of the best 2-step beats out there right now.

Today I will be featuring a preview of their newest track “What’s In Your head”. It is a perfect example of their energetic yet soothing production. The quality is spotless and the vocals are nothing short of beautiful.


I highly suggest going to their facebook page and downloading their free EP off the site. These guys have been making top notch music for a bit now and I dont see an end in sight. Below are a couple other tracks I really like by Disclosure as well as a goodie I haven’t shared yet. Enjoy!

The Law of One – Disclosure
Carnival – Disclosure
This Otha Planet – Production Unit

Check out their Soundcloud and Twitter for more groovy beats and up to date coverage.