Top Secret: Project 46

Project 46 started with two Canucks making productions via skype while living hundreds of miles apart in Waterloo and Vancouver. While their sudden rise to fame has allowed them to spend more time in the studio together, they still enjoy the challenges of making music through online forums. Having first heard their breakout track, Reasons, a few weeks back when it reached #1 on the acclaimed Beatport Top 10 list, it somehow got lost in my catalog of tunage. Only after their new single was released on the Denver based Manufactured Music label was I once again falling in love with the project.

Project 46 – Reasons ft. Andrew Allen

Project 46 – Brave Heart

Also as a little bonus, Project 46 has started a fun series entitled Pancake Fridays where they serve up a brand new pancake (remix) every Friday loaded with syrup, berries, butter and more. Here is the most recent pancake that was ordered up late last night.

Sultan & Ned Shepard feat. Quilla vs Alesso – Walls of Valentina (Project 46 Insert Syrup Edit)