So I Guess “Trap” Music Is Here To Stay

So lately there’s been this buzz surrounding trap music. Which, as I understand it, is electronic music in which the drums are very similar to those used as the underpinnings for gangster rap or ‘crunk’ music. Often, the songs are also layered with rap samples and/or verses. I’m not sure what to make of it this early on in the game but it definitely opens up some doors for certain producers to enter into the electronic scene through new channels or for established producers to experiment with different sounds, much like moombahton paved the way for many very popular artists today. Anyways, I wanted to highlight two tracks that have been making their way around the internet and both bring that trap sound with them.

[Downtempo Trap] The video above certainly is interesting and I highly suggest you watch it. It is for the song “About You” by Orlando’s XXYYXX and is a very good song on its own. DJ Fergie Ferg takes that canvas and embellishes it, “trap style”, with some added drums and 2 Chainz verses. And while 2 Chainz may be the biggest joke of a rapper (despite the announcement of his recent signing to Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music label), this track brings everything together in such a surreal manner it’s hard to not love it.

XXYYXX ft. 2 Chainz – About You (DJ Fergie Ferg Trap Edit)

[Bass Heavy Trap] Next, CRNKN, a very promising producer who seems to have found his niche in the trap music genre, released this awesome remix of Doctor P’s “Neon”. Gives you an idea of what more energetic trap music sounds like.

Doctor P – Neon ft. Jenna G (CRNKN Trapt-Out Remix)


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