Comic Strips Takes You On a Thrill Ride

First of all, a solid LOL going out to whatever the fuck is going on in this photo. Comic Strips seems to be having a stuffed animal tea party, in the middle of the street, and decided to get extra comfortable with a few keyboards (yes, one of the appears to be a computer keyboard, sans computer) and a lamp. Fuck it, if he wants to continue producing tracks like this he can do whatever the hell he feels like. “Thrill Ride” is a multilayered electro track full of melodic arpeggios and contrasting yet complementing tempos superimposed over one another. It’s fun and energetic without losing any credibility for being too heavy.

Comic Strips – Thrill Ride (Original Mix)

Check out his SoundCloud for more free downloads, including a Gotye remix that I didn’t have the audacity to post here.