MiMOSA drops Future Trills to Red Rocks Amplitheater

Exclusive Mimosa Interview and Red Rocks Amphitheater

MiMOSA drops Future Trill at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

We were fortunate enough to sit down with Tigran Mimosa before his show at Red Rocks Amphitheater on Friday night. MiMOSA co-headlined the event with Ghostland Observatory. The show was nothing short of legendary with memorable sets from both performers. A photo gallery is attached and below is the interview we had with MiMOSA as we sat under the mainstage in a cave that has hosted artists for generations and listened to MiMOSA talk about music, fashion, performing, and of course Colorado.

MMIBTY: Hey Tigran, what’s up since we last time we spoke in Burlington, VT in November?

MiMOSA: Well lets see, I just put out an album with my homie Sleepyhead under SexyTime it’s called Naked Poetry and we just got a music video out for that on Jay-Z’s blog Life and Times. And right now I’m working on my new album Future Trill Vol. 1 and it has seventeen tracks on it right now. But I’m going to try and cut it down to about twelve..

MMIBTY: Any reason why you would exclude certain tracks from your album?

MiMOSA: Well you know when you first listen to a track you always think it’s dope, but after a few listens and your style and taste develops you may go ahead and make different choices.

MMIBTY: How has the move from the west to the east affected your music making and life in general?

MiMOSA: I just moved to Brooklyn a few months back and have been absolutely loving it.

MMIBTY: What have you noticed to be different in your short time on the east coast?

MiMOSA: There are a lot of young ass kids out there who are just killing it. Those cats know who they are, and just just trying to be out there and part of the vibe and build that energy.

MMIBTY: So, how is it to be back in Colorado after an absolutely amazing set at Snowball earlier this year?

MiMOSA: I’m always glad to be back in Colorado! This place is like my second home; Cali is my heart, and then I love this place because you all got the best weed and the people here appreciate music, and it’s dope as fuck. And then there is New York with it’s crazy energy.

MMIBTY: How is to be back at Red Rocks in a position to be co-headlining this amazing venue?

MiMOSA: I wouldn’t consider this a headlining gig, but I’m more in the honor of sharing the stage with Ghostland. It’s a step closer in the right direction, but when I’m doing my own show then we will talk more. I still have higher goals to achieve always pushing towards the peak.

MMIBTY: So how did you team up with Ghostland to create this event?

MiMOSA: It was my managers’ idea, he thought it was a good combination since we are so different and we attract different crowds. We though it would be a good cross breed. And it was a good opportunity to bring my friends out to play in the show as well. (Two Fresh and Lunice were in the room as well during the interview.)

MMIBTY: Have you signed the notorious Red Rocks Tunnel?

I have not yet signed that wall. I have played heare four times and they have asked me to sign it, but I am waiting til I truly headline. I will only do it when the right opportunity comes.

MMIBTY: Will we be hearing some of that west coast hip hop that has defined you over the years?

MiMOSA: You are going to hear all sorts of stuff, you’re gonna hear a lot of southern rap actually. A lot of new music as well.

MMIBTY: Music off your new album I’m assuming?

MiMOSA: Yea, I love to test out my new music before it comes out. The dance floor in general is a great place to test out music, just to see how people react to new sounds and yea, I just love playing the new shit off my computer because that is what excites me.

MMIBTY: We saw a bunch of new apparel at the merch tent tonight, have you been the one designing the new logos and tees?

MiMOSA: Oh yea, my tattoo artist Lance and myself collaborated on the all seeing eye logo that has turned into the MiMOSA logo and now have it tattooed on my right arm. I like the concept of the all seeing eye.

MMIBTY: Do you feel that that is as close to a 9-5 kind of life you can get?

MiMOSA: It’s way more than 9-5. Sometimes I will go into a professional studio, pay, and be there from midnight to literally nine in the morning. Ya know, I’ll be going home and people will be going to work and I got my sunglasses on in zombie mode trying to look for the bodega and deli to get a sandwich before I go to bed.

MMIBTY: So in terms of Future Trill, what’s the summer looking like for you?

MiMOSA: The summer? I don’t even know where I’m playing next weekend. But I just finished up Bonnaroo and have some other festivals coming up like Electric Forest. My summer is definately packed up. I’m basically only doing festivals on the weekends and then during the week I will be in the studio producing full time. In the studio with vocalists just trying to get the album done. Then just wait to get on tour in the fall.

MMIBTY: So, how awesome is it playing at Red Rocks Amphitheater?

MiMOSA: It’s the coolest. Red Rocks is the best venue in the United States period. When there’s 10,000 people there, and it’s dark, and everybody is losing their minds. No there’s no other place like it, no other rock formation like it. You’re looking up at the people and seeing the stars and moon, seeing the city skyline, it’s just a beautiful feeling.

MMIBTY: Well thank you for your time and can’t wait to go trill with you tonight.