Flux Pavilion Cookie Monsta and Brown & Gammon bring The Standing On A Hill Tour to Worcester and TEAR IT UP

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Equipped with a bottle of rum, mirrored citrus colored Raybans, neon high tops, glitter covering my body, and blinking LED bracelets, my buddy Blitz and I were fully prepared to rage at the Standing On a Hill Tour featuring Joshua Steele, known to his fans as Flux Pavilion.  We waited in line with the throngs of brightly colored neon kids for about forty-five minutes.  The line of colorful creatures stretched for a full block. With excited anticipation, I could only imagine how this crowd would transform the Worcester Palladium dance floor into an electronic wonderland last Thursday June 7th.  As we made our way through the sparkling glass doors and into the auditorium, my chest began to pulsate with the vibrations from the deep bass. After working through the crowd, finally in front of me were the lights and tantalizing vibes of brilliant booming electricity.

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Little did I know that the events that would take place that evening were going to leave me with epic memories of a fantastic show.  Openers Michael Savant and DJ Wubson set the mood for the night with some trippy down tempo Dubstep mixes to that got the crowd amped up.

Brown & Gammon, who just recently signed with Circus Records, started the bass party off with their track, “Blow My Mind” which really got the crowd buzzing. Cookie Monsta blew the roof off of The Palladium with some of the sickiest drops I’ve ever heard.  Cookie really gets into his music deep-six and his energy radiated out into the endless sea of neon people crowd surfing and feeding their pulsing bodies to the music.

After Cookie Monsta’s mind blowing set, his performance was followed by crowd chants of “We want Flux, we want Flux”. The giant ‘FP’ symbols became illuminated on stage and Flux made his explosive grand appearance with his sequin microphone in hand and blinding rainbow lights.  The crowd went absolutely insane. He performed the ultimate “Bass Cannon” and threw the crowd into jumping insanity like a thousand bolts of lightning. To keep the energy surging, Flux then dropped ‘Superbad”, his track with Doctor P.  The result was a dance floor of mass insanity.  The peak of the performance was “I Can’t Stop”. The pulsing beat sent the crowd into sensory overload. Flux killed it with “Cracks Begin to Show”, the track that made me fall madly in love with Dubstep last summer.

While I leaned upfront against the stage, snapping away with my camera, I was enraptured with the magic of this man who worked the crowd into frenzy under the sparkling chaotic light show. As I stood on the opposite side of the security rail, looking into the crowd, people reached out to grab my hand and begged to take pictures with them.  The love was everywhere. The crowd pulsed with indescribable energy and flowing love for Flux. He closed with an encore of another favorite,  “Gold Dust”, which left the crowd stunned and begging for more.

It will be hard to for another show to top the heart pounding synths, monster drops, and wobbling bass blasted out during the Standing on a Hill Tour.  The neon lights and vibrating deep growl of the bass will forever permeate my brain.  Flux Pavilion, an electrifying Dubstep artist, brought everything you would expect to the show. It was an amazing time with a solid electrifying set. This show was everything a Dubstep fanatic could ever wish for, with the possible exception of a few more hours of Flux’s scintillating magic.

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