Jah Mon: Reggae Vibes

Being that it’s summer and all (well, maybe not officially, but it’s festival season and isn’t that the same thing?), I figured I’d share some reggae influenced dub and electro tracks I’ve collected which should put you right in the mood. I really like what I’m hearing on these tracks and I hope these kinds of bootlegs and remixes become a more frequent occurrence.

First, TYR, not to be confused with TJR, who put together my favorite remix to the song “DRVGS” and hails from Boulder, CO, decided to tackle one of my all-time favorite Damian Marley songs “Road to Zion”. The intro cues you to the fact that it’s something new and you really hear it build when the hi-hats come in around the 0:40 mark. Deep and tasteful.

Damian Marley ft Nas – Road to Zion (TYR Remix)

Speaking of TJR, his song “Funky Vodka” is also a favorite of mine, mainly because of the way he eloquently samples reggae legends Toots & The Maytals to create a groovy house jam. No Body‘s bootleg flips that one step further with electro sounds.

TJR – Funky Vodka (No Body Bootleg)

Spenca just released this bootleg through Dubstep.net of Elan’s “Do Right By You” for free. The 18-year old Texan has been making some waves with his productions lately, many of which are available through his SoundCloud for free. Straight fire.

Elan – Do Right By You (Spenca Bootleg Remix)

Finally, if we all want to talk about a song that has grown on me like crazy, it’s gotta be the Diplo-produced “Climax”. I think a lot of people out there probably had the same reaction as I did upon first listen: WTF are you doing Diplo?? But that shit is simply infectious and I no longer care how poppy or feminine it is (although it’s not exactly a song you blast with the windows down…). Here’s a Mad Decent-approved reggae take from Jr. Blender.

Usher – Climax (Jr. Blender Reggae Remix)

Have fun at the festivals these next couple weeks. Look for me at Starscape this weekend (cheers to those of you at Bonnaroo and EDC) and Spring Awakening the weekend after so hit me up on Twitter @briansbiglife or @mmibty if you want to party.