Wick-It The Instigator With Weathermaker EP + Van Halen Remix

I’d like to think that anyone who spends a decent time listening to music on the internet has heard of Wick-It by now. He’s earned small fame by producing amazing dubstep and moombahton remixes of classic songs, many of which have gone viral across blogs and Hypem. Unfortunately, if a production of his isn’t hard-hitting enough or doesn’t automatically peak interest because of it’s source material, it gets overlooked, as was the case with his latest free original EP The Weathermaker. You can hear that Wick-It really flexed his creative muscle with this one, as the songs range from loungey and jazz-influenced jams to slow and harrowing dub and sample-sliced head boppers. Wick-It has always given his music away for free so he deserves as much support as he can get. “Grey Sky” is probably my favorite but I loved the whole thing from start to finish.

DL the whole thing in ZIP FILE here.

He also just released a remix of Van Halen’s classic rock song “Jump” yesterday. I think the drop could be better suited to the rest of the song but it’s still quite good and free, of course.

Van Halen – Jump (Wick-it Remix)

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