Some Oldies Get The Trap Treatment

The 90’s were, without a doubt, a very confusing time for music, as this picture hints at. It will probably only ever be revered by those of us who grew up during that time (except for Will Smith, that shit is timeless). As one of those people, it’s always nice to reminisce on the songs that I grew up with and I know I’m not alone in that. Today, I have two trap remixes offering their take on their nineties counterparts and I have to say, with a little modern-day polish, these test pretty well with me.

Guru Josh Project – Infinity (Gummy Trap Remix)

Alice DeeJay – Better Off Alone (Big Makk’s Dave Alberto is a Trap Star Remix)

BONUS – Thanks to one of our Facebook fans, I got turned onto trap producer Starfoxxx who put together a perfect rendition of Diplo’s booty-shakin’ “Express Yourself”. Take a listen.

Diplo – Express Yourself ft. Nicky Da B (Starfoxxx Remix)