Dragon & Jontron’s Booty Pack

Denver locals and Beta Nightclub residents, Dragon and Jontron, have teamed up to make a lot of tracks together and have even gone on tour together. Lately they have been surging with seasonal mixes and plenty of shows lined up this summer including the legendary Global Dance Festival! In preparation for the upcoming season, every week they have released a bootleg under their Booty Pack collection that they have been playing at Beta and elsewhere in the Colorado community. Capping off this trilogy of mixes was the release of Chasing Timebombs today, having many in the area screaming for more booty! Can never have enough booty I suppose…

 Light Up the Greyhound (Dragon & Jontron Booty Pack Mix)

We’re All Haters (Dragon & Jontron Booty Pack Mix)

Chasing Timebombs (Dragon & Jontron Booty Pack Mix)

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