The Bloody Beetroots – Rocksteady [Video + Single]

Out of all the well-known DJ’s and producers out there, The Bloody Beetroots have always been a source of conflict for me. On the one hand, they were very instrumental in getting me into electronic music in the first place. Their collab with Steve Aoki “Warp 2.0” will stand in the EDM hall of fame alongside “Sandstorm” (yeah, I went there), “Ghosts And Stuff,” “Levels”and countless others. They’re also regarded largely as innovators, both in the production and live realms, with their style ranging from mellow to face-melting and their shows sometimes flanked by various instruments or not, with their signature masks being one of the few constants. On the flip side, though, Bob Rifo is a certified maniac. The founder and brains behind the Italian duo’s music and increasingly “metal” mentality is often responsible for music which I could only refer to as headache-inducing. I have walked away from more than one Death Crew 77 set with my ears bleeding and head pounding (i.e. not in a good way). Not to say that their heavier stuff isn’t for some people, because I know it is, but not for me. Despite having released sporadic singles and remixes the past couple years alongside a regular tour schedule, they have failed to remain in the spotlight. “Rocksteady” marks a return to their grungy sound comprised of heavy electro and bass with an affected guitar sound. What makes this one an accessible winner is the melodic aspect and the absence of the screamo like we saw on “Church of Noise”. I’m into it. Here’s to hoping their DJ set at Electric Zoo is going to blow my mind like they used to know how.

The Bloody Beetroots – Rocksteady

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