Kicks n Licks Makin’ Us Wobble Once More

 As the world travels further into the realm of house and techno beats, dubstep has once again fallen from the top and placed in the back tents at most festivals. It’s a result of the huge spike in popularity that occurred with the rise of Bassnectar, Skrillex, and Flux all perfecting and reinventing the genre constantly. The bubble seems to have burst recently, with more and more fans turning to alternative or crossover genres like moombahton and trap. While the true bassheads are staying strong and somewhat isolating themselves from the rest of the edm community.

Whenever I start thinking like this it is always refreshing to hear some new, but true dubstep coming from my speakers. Acts like Krewella and now Kicks n Licks are bringing back the true roots of dubstep on a much smaller and enjoyable stage. Kicks n Licks reminds me a lot of present day Flux Pavilion with not as many drops as bass cannon. The featured remix was released on Thursday and bumps well in the speakers..

Gansta Fun – California (Kicks n Licks Remix)

I would be doing this duo I great injustice if I was to only feature their most recent work. They represent the best of what dubstep has to offer and continue to put out great summertime anthems. Listen to Time immediately as it is by far my favorite track I’ve heard from them.

Kicks n Licks – Time

Kicks n Licks – Monsters