In 2007 I graduated highschool, I made plans for college and after discovering my new interest in electronically produced music, I purchased Bassnectar’s “Underground Communication” from a local record store. Lets just say ’07 was full of some life changing events.

Ever since I put that CD in my car I have been a diehard Bassnectar fan. As of recently I will be honest and say that I have not been as impressed with his performances and releases, Vava Voom was so-so and last time I saw him play I didnt feel the same level of energy as I did when Wildstyle was released.

But Mr.Ashton has surprised me once again with his remix of RUN DMT’s Sugarcube. The song opens up with some high pitched whining synths leading to the first breakdown with some simple basslines. Then the second drop hits, and I am completely blown away by solid wobbly basslines with a feel that reminds me of Rusko in his prime. This song is an absolute banger (and I try to use this word as little as possible) and has got my hopes up for the bass head himself. Please check it out below and let me know what you think. As always, Cheers!

Some older Rusko and Bassnectar for shits and giggles

Rusko – Jahova

Bassnectar – Verbing the Noun

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