Boys Noize and Skrillex Collab On New EP?

The rumor mill has been churning and the burning question on everyone’s mind as this 2-track EP from Dog Blood begins to go viral is whether Skrillex and Boys Noize really are behind it. What we do know is this: while the true identities of the men (or women?? dun dun dunnnn) responsible for this EP have yet to be revealed, the “Middle Finger” track was promoted through both Skrillex and Boys Noize social media outlets and was set to be released on both of their labels (OWSLA and BNR, respectively). Today saw the official Beatport release and, while the only named record label is BNR with no mention of OWSLA, the influence of Boys Noize is unmistakeable on the two tracks, with it being very possible that Skrillex is involved. Whoever produced it, it deserves as much buzz as it should have just from the names purported to be behind it. Pick it up on Beatport today.