New Tracks from Dada Life and Dirty South & Alesso!

It’s always a big day when Dada Life release a new track. That means today is a big day. “Feed the Dada” is the Swedish duo’s follow-up to “Rolling Stone T-Shirt“, which was a perfect track to kick off Summer 2012. If you know Dada Life’s work, you wouldn’t even hesitate to guess they produced this track – it has their signature all over it, with a catchy vocal hook and insanely greasy dirty heavy drop. It’s just another reason why these guys have become one of the biggest Electro-House acts in the world, and they seem to produce these bangers so effortlessly. Personally speaking this release seems to come a bit quietly, as I didn’t notice much hype leading up to the days of its release. It doesn’t really matter, however, because I can see this track getting some heavy play in the coming days and I fully expect to hear it this weekend at Electric Zoo. This one comes with remixes by Dyro (huge for his song “Top of the World” with the duo ANSOL) and Dice Motion (a little Dubstep anyone?)! I must say the Dyro remix is standing out to me in a big way at this point…

Dada Life – Feed The Dada (Original Mix) | Beatport
Dada Life – Feed the Dada (Dyro Remix) | iTunes


A song that DID see a lot of hype leading up to today’s release is the anthem “City of Dreams” by juggernauts Dirty South and Alesso featuring the vocals of Ruben Haze. This track comes in large contrast with Dada Life’s above banger. “City of Dreams” is much more melodic and is likely to give you that chill factor that certain songs are capable of (Nero’s “Promises” comes to mind). Dirty South debuted the track at EDC New York and after that everyone was in a frenzy with a lot of chatter about the weekend surrounding that particular song. The four-on-the-floor kick drum intro makes you think this song is going to be a lot heavier than it is, turning into what I consider an arena anthem – something to bring huge festival crowds together with, just as songs like “Save the World“, “Calling“, and “In My Mind” have done and still continue to do. Although this type of style isn’t one I usually choose to listen to, you do have to admit it’s a big song and will likely see heavy rotation moving forward (yes, at Electric Zoo). Dirty South just announced a huge US Tour as well, check HERE for dates.

Dirty South & Alesso Ft. Ruben Haze – City Of Dreams (Original Mix)  | Beatport