Tales from OC Sundays: Hardwell 8.12.12

Full photo gallery HERE | Photo credit: Ryan Wiklund

Two Sundays ago, Ocean Club and MASS EDMC brought one of the biggest electronic music producers/DJs in the world to the Boston area. Hardwell tore up the booth bringing a high energy set from start to finish. The night started out with the Miss Ocean Club bikini contest with Bamboora providing a musical backdrop. After the fashion show was over, Bamboora took full control of the crowd until Hardwell made his appearance. Hardwell dropped some the hottest new tracks such as Alesso‘s “Years” while also dropping his own tracks such as “Spaceman”. While his set was perfectly mixed and he played to the crowd perfectly, it would have been nice to see him dig into his music mastery and go away from “Top 10 EDM”. The club was packed tight back into Ocean Club’s main tent. Without a doubt this Sunday night was one of the best nights at OC
-Ryan Wiklund

Thanks as always to the management at Ocean Club and the guys and girls at Mass EDMC and NV Concepts. Don’t miss tomorrow’s show with the AWESOME Bingo Players and next weekend’s Labor Day festivities with Chuckie, Benny Benassi, Roger Sanchez, and Axwell. For more info go to our shows page!

Hardwell @ Ocean Club Marina Bay Quincy, United States 2012-08-12 from Daffy_duff on 8tracks Radio.