The Era of Dubglitchtrapbahton is Upon Us

My first introduction to heRobust was only a short time ago, when I stumbled across his “RunDaTrap bootleg” of Flux Pavilion’s bass-loaded weapon of a track. From what I can tell, like fan (and our) favorite Luminox, heRobust is a hip-hop producer gone trap and otherwise bass-heavy dance music producer. Good call because his skills port well and at the right time: the flu couldn’t spread as fast as trapaholism right now and the time has now come for different genres to all start experimenting with the different ways they can penetrate all of trap’s holes (yes that was a sexual reference and yes I’m talking TP here and no I don’t mean toilet paper). So, in his latest project Rob & Hood, heRobust comes at us with 5 free tracks, all combining different elements of dubstep and trap or as the geniuses in the naming department have dubbed it “trapstep” (heRobust went with “goonstep” which makes a lot of sense when thinking of how people might look dancing to this music). He also experiments on a lesser degree with glitch elements (I have to admit I threw “-bahton” at the end there because it just sounded better but it’s only a matter of time) giving this EP a familiar yet unique sound. This is hootrat music for EDM fans if there ever were some. Go do some hoodrat shit with your friends and cop the free download over on his Facebook page.