Three Loco – We Are Farmers ft. Diplo [Video]

Diplo is weird. As much as I want to admit he’s the cool, normal, and well-dressed guy he seems to be, deep down I know he’s weird. And weird is good when you’re an artist. In fact, it’s commonplace. Most of my favorite musicians are weird. When RiFF RaFF was signed to Mad Decent, I knew Diplo had something up his sleeve and it wasn’t cashing in on RiFF RaFF’s shitty rapping skills or his has-been status as an MTV reality star that got too much fame for being a clown. And with today’s introduction of the video for Three Loco‘s “We Are Farmers”, it seems apparent that this was the weird scheme Diplo had in mind. The beat plays around with the jingle from the infamous commercials and is unequivocally Diplo. The first verse from Andy Milonakis is about as good as one could expect from a 30-something man child. Dirt Nasty is the second featured rapper and brings nothing special to the table. And RiFF RaFF almost impresses here, surrounded by such stupidity that his own doesn’t shine through as much in the mixture. Diplo then proceeds to drop what is probably the worst debut verse imaginable, even for a non-rapper. What’s the significance of each one of the Three Loco’s having been associated with MTV at one point in their lives? What about how they all are wannabe stars who are only known because of their stupidity? How about the fact that none of them are respected in the hip-hop community, not to mention any community? The answers to these questions can only lie with Mr. Pentz but, if I had to guess, I’d say it’s one big joke Diplo’s playing. Not sure on who exactly, but he can’t be serious, can he?

P.S. If you want, Jeffree’s released this track plus two others for free today in conjunction with the video. Good thing it’s free because I’m not sure anyone would’ve paid for it, but you can find it here.