An Interview With Sazon Booya

A few weeks back I had the chance to sit down and have a chat with rising moombahtone duo Sazon Booya right before their performance at Club Metronome in Burlington Vermont. As I expected both artists had a lot to say about their genre and not surprising both artists were incredibly well spoken and offered more than what was asked for the questions presented. This interview ranks up there with some of my favorite overall artists interviews, both Josh and Stephan offer a little bit of some behind the scenes information on how these two formed one of the best moombah production/dj unit on the market, and what it is like enjoying the ride.

The show itself was the first of three presented by Electrode Entertainment for their Summer School series (some of you may have seen the summer series Dj mixes that were featured) and really helped kick off things right. Sazon’s successful performance indisputably boosted the reputation of Electrode Entertainments notoriety and they certainly deserve credit in helping fuel the sequential massive success that followed the Summer School line up.

Take some time and check it out, also if you want to learn more about Sazon Booya, check out the write up I did here  take a look at Mr. Vega’s EP he did with DFACE here  and you can take a look at their Facebook | Soundcloud to find out what they are up to and all the new music they are pumping out such as their new EP Impacto which can be found below

Special thanks Josh and Stephan for an incredible performance as well as interview, to Ryan for film, Electrode and all the boys for setting it up, and thanks to Kels that provided the girlish laughter and a great final question in the back.