Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash – Reload

It’s not really in my nature to post such mainstream tunes as this one, mostly because I (humbly) acknowledge that most readers of this blog don’t get all their music exclusively from us. And I know every other blog in their fucking right mind is going to want to post about the release of this massive tune. But as far as epic house anthems go, this is it. I’m sure you’ve already heard it at least once or twice this summer. I know personally I’ve heard Tommy Trash play it a few times and, most recently, Steve Angello to his sold-out (and extremely wet) Size In The Park audience.

It truly in inspiring to see how far Tommy Trash has come in the past few years. It’s even more exciting for me as I pretty much followed his path to success from the start; from the time I first heard a track from him back in 2010, I knew he was going to big. It’s hard to picture what his role was on this track as the sound seems to bear much more influence from the Swede than the electro-minded Trash. Perhaps it’s him breaking out of his normal style, exploring creative boundaries. Perhaps its purpose is to make him more of a household name (after all, Seb teaming up with Alesso on “Calling” seemed to be a power play for the up-and-comer). Whatever the reason, there’s no projects I can think of that Tommy Trash shouldn’t be proud of and “Reload” is no exception.

Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash – Reload (Original Mix) | Purchase on Beatport

Bonus: This is the first piece of work I ever heard from Tommy Trash, originally released some time in mid-to-late 2010. Still sounds just as good today as ever.

Tom Piper & Tommy Trash ft. Mr. Wilson- All My Friends (Club Mix) | Purchase on Beatport