Reidiculous Takes on Gangnam Style

So at this point, if you haven’t seen the video for Korean pop star PSY’s video for “Gangnam Style”, you must be too busy hanging out in total seclusion, cut off from the entire world. The viral video managed to rack up a cool 160 MILLION views on YouTube since its release 2 months ago and, with the single recently making it into the U.S.’s Billboard Hot 100 chart, the phenomenon shows no sign of stopping. I’ve included the video above if you need a refresher. Now onto the remix work. Let’s be honest here… “Gangnam Style” is already a club-ready banger and I don’t care what anyone says. Combine the infectious beat and ridiculously unintelligible lyrics with its viral status and you’ve got an absolute winner. People going Gangnam style all over that dance floor. DJ Reidiculous, who’s work with Carly Ray Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” continues to impress me to this day, is a producer who straddles an increasingly fine line between pop and electronic music productions. While he doesn’t have any originals to his name yet, he’s taken on pretty much every pop song from the past year and remixed it, with varying although generally pleasing results. What ticks me about Reidiculous is he hasn’t picked a side yet and I fear his talents are destined to be wasted when he gets picked up by a major production house to make top 40 tunes that will earn him a lot of money but will rob him of the opportunity to be a viable player in the dance music realm. He reminds me of a young; hopefully he makes better decisions. Anyways, his remix of “Gangnam Style” is even more of a dance floor destroyer than the original.

PSY – Gangnam Style (Reidiculous Remix)


Eva Simons ft. – This Is Love (Reidiculous Remix)

Lauren Jansen – Use Somebody (Reidiculous Remix)

Avicii also released a new instrumental today… Anyone care?

Avicii – Tim (Unreleased Instrumental Mix)