Savant Brings a Blizzard of Electro, House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, and Funk to the EDM World!

Dubstep/complextro artist Aleksander Vinter, also known as Savant, combines a blend of complextro, 8-bit, glitch hop, funk, and drum & bass music on his most recent album to drop in the interwebz titled ISM.

Savant has created a unique EDM trademark sound with distinct sound samples from popular video games. This type of music mixing has transformed into chip tune, or 8-bit. Savant’s album ISM creates a nostalgia in the fusion of complex rhythms, keyboards, and samples.  These brain melting sounds break down one of the most intriguing album’s I have ever heard.

In only 10 MONTHS, Savant has cranked out 4 full albums,  starting with Ninur Nov 2011. Savant has displayed remarkable mastery over a wild mix of  genres to produce one mind blowing sound.

Enjoy some of his killer tracks from the album ISM!

Special thanks to two of Savant’s biggest fans, Ascend and Cake.